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Grading and Construction Services

Capricorn Grading and Construction will take care of your residential and commercial construction and grading needs. We can offer our clients complete turn-key jobs with guaranteed high-quality results in a quick and affordable manner.

Our services include the following:

New Construction Services

Capricorn can provide new construction support from start to finish. We can help with site selection and preparation, designs, and construction management for residential, multi-family residential and commercial projects.

Interior and Exterior Up-fits

Capricorn Construction has conducted up-fits for medical, institutional, and commercial projects. We can provide design and plan review assistance to minimize clients’ hassles in the pre-construction process.

Retaining Walls

Capricorn Construction builds retaining walls to fit your landscaping and outdoor design needs. We aim to give you the most options and highest quality at the lowest possible cost.

Flood and Fire Damage Restoration

We provide cost effective demolition and can rebuild partial structures as well as re-building all the way from the foundation. Ask us about our completed fire restorations that provided our customers with new, enhanced structures.


Tree removal, stump removal, vegetation, and roots as necessary to clear a site.


Remove existing building structures, hardscapes, and storm sewer to prepare for construction.

Grading and Excavation

Cut and fill the area to reach desired grade. This may include import, export, rock blasting, excavating, and soil remediation efforts.

Site Development

Our Grading division is licensed and specialized in site development, including but not limited to the following:
  • Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, Slabs
  • Concrete/Asphalt
  • Pavement Maintenance
  • Slurry Seal/Chip Seal
  • Driveways
  • Parking Lots
  • Decorative Landscape

Erosion Control

Capricorn Grading installs materials designed specifically to reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of site development.


Capricorn Grading is licensed for underground utility work including storm drainage piping, pumping stations, force mains, portable water mains, sanitary sewer systems, water irrigation, conduit installation, coring of manholes, wet traps, external fire lines, and roof drains. We can install everything from deep sewers to large diameter pipes.

Underground Retention Systems

Capricorn Grading has installed a variety of storm water retention systems. We can help create a cleaner, more environmentally friendly site.

Lagoon Reclamation

Capricorn Grading has an ongoing part in helping the environment. We work on reclaiming lakes and lagoons that have been polluted due to industrial waste, and have excelled in meeting and exceeding objectives to lower pollution and improve the quality of the water discharged into the stream system.
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